Battle of the Brands – McDonald’s vs. Burger King

Watch out follower because this week it is Burger time on the “Battle of the Brands”!

SMBR- Battle of the Brands
For you a Burger tastes always yummie? Well continue reading and find out why you might not get one so easily at your local Burger King store.

Referring to current announcements, Burger King is facing a hard fight to stay competitive with Mc Donald’s. The announcements states the general strategy of a central cost cutting plan as reason for a decrease of stores, losses of quality and decreasing image reputation. We assume this information as interesting enough to take the both brands to the “Battle of the Brands” on Social Media Brand Review!

The metrics state an interesting result on the above mentioned strategy. In contrast to the expectation, the social media appearance of the both brands on facebook is not reflecting the loss of image reputation: Burger King is leading the race, with nearly twice the amount of likes than the brand of Mc Donald’s. Analyzing these numbers in detail it can be assumed that Burger King has an average amount of 199.158 likes per month and 6.639 per day. Compared to Mc Donald’s this Burger King is taking a 64 % share of the likes between the both brands.

In regard of the development the figures in the last two years, Mc Donald’s shows a really steady increase of likes. Burger King instead, had a harsh raise from January to July 2012, but could not keep the high growth rates in 2013. With an average difference of 88069 likes per month, Burger King shows still an impressive distance to the competitor which they have missed to catch in terms of sales in the past years. But still, when regarding the trend of the both regressions, it could be estimated that Mc Donald’s is narrowing this distance in the upcoming months.

SMBR - Battle of the Brands

Comparison between Burger King and Mc Donald’s on facebook and twitter.

Compared to twitter, the metrics do indicate then an expected result: Burger King counts a total of 217.380 followers, compared to Mc Donald’s with and 1.399.276 which provides an really small share of 13 % for Burger King. Isn’t this odd? What might be the reason for such imbalanced strategies of social media?

We have conducted a list of reasons why these results are so different give us your vote and state your reason for this miracle:

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