Battle of the Brands: Drive now vs. Car2go

Battle of the brands - drivenow vs. car2go

This week on the battle of the brands, it is up to car sharing. Thou it is not a new service of future mobility, the market of car sharing supplier is getting already quite narrow. Just this summer the company “car2go” entered especially cities in the German market with some remarkable campaigns.

Before June, there have been solely a few provider of car sharing services in Munich: drive now (BMW and MINI), flinkster (Citroen, Mercedes Benz) and in addition a small number of local provider, of which some have already been closed due to the competitive pressure in the market. With car2go a new player is now entering the market in Munich. Like in each market that faces a high competitive pressure, it can be the brand influencing the customer’s preference.

A reason worth for the SMBR to analyze how the brands set up their strategies on their social media marketing in this week’s “Battle of the Brands”. As usual we concentrate on to competitive brands; in this case it will be drive now and the competitor from Daimler car2go.

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drivenow adheres several advantages in Munich due to their role as local hero. But also in further cities like Palo Alto, Berlin, Düsseldorf, the concept is successfully implemented. When trying to find different profiles on twitter or facebook for the respective cities, one can search quite long – there is only one central profile and one for drivenow USA. A complete opposite social media strategy is following car2go hence: For each city in which the car sharing service is available, a single twitter and facebook account exists. In total car2go is offering car sharing in over 10 cities in the US and since this year in German cities like Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Stuttgart and Ulm.

When comparing the brand awareness on facebook and twitter between the central accounts of both companies, it becomes very clear without any calculations, that car2go is winning the race over drivenow. Drivenow is counting under 1700 follower on twitter and even less on facebook compared to car2go which counts over 5000 follower on the central twitter profil (the local adapted accounts are even higher e.g. @Car2govancouver with >12k) and over 11.000 on Facebook.

The remarkable notice here might be the different approach of how the brand is presented on social media: the local adaption of car2go seems to spill over likes on the central profile, while the limited awareness of drive now, cannot compete with the total amount of likes and follower of it. To be fair one need to keep in mind the different timeframe both brands are providing their service: car2go offers cars after finishing two pilot projects before 2012 while drivenow started its first pilot in June 2011 in Munich. Further, the effect of the total amount of cities that have been taken into the program might contribute to the brand awareness.

Concluding this week’s battle of the brands, we need to confess when taking it to the social media strategy of both brands, car2go is the clear winner measured by the criteria of brand awareness. Nevertheless, this might not reflect the actual usage behaviour or the customer satisfaction of both services. So you have the chance to state your opinion about this interesting field of future mobility:

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