Who are we?

We are a non profit organization of young and motivated authors who want to read, listen and talk about the fast world of today!

When we started social media brand review, it was honestly not more than a experiment to see whether there is a need of (clarity for) good brand management on social media marketing or not. We wanted to know which is the most influential social media network, what are the key performance indicators of brand management on social media and which brand is setting the benchmark. Click here to read the complete SMBR story here

SMBR‘s aim:

Using scientific methods and theories, it is SMBR‘s aim to unterstand and share the impact of user generated content on the universe of brand management. A focus lies on the entire automotive sector, but also on any great brand, that understands the power of integrated Marketing in social media.

SMBR‘s Mission:

SMBR obliges to deliver continuous information about brand management and social media marketing using its own SMBR Services for it.

Customer benefits of SMBR:

For brand manager, marketing manager or social media manager, SMBR Services provide a consistent and comprehensive overview and Archive about best practices on social media governance and brand management in social media.

For everybody who is a fan of a certain brand or sees his or herself as absolutely addicted to brand management SMBR provides fantastic opportunities to experience comparisons of brands in the battle of the brands, share these among friends using direct social media connections and interactive elements like polls (e.g.).

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  1. Daniela said:

    Thank you for stopping by my site and likiing the Tesla post. Can you explain to me breifly what the elements of integrated marketing in social media are?

    • Hi Daniela,

      thanks a lot for your very interesting question!

      As you can imagine, there are a dozens of definitions on what is meant with the term ‘integrated marketing’ or also ‘integrated marketing communication’. Further, the different definitions have developed and changed over the last 20 years caused by the technological and social progress. In the following, I will try to describe my individual motivation for this term.

      With integrated marketing I would describe the degree with which a company streamlines their different communication strategies, -objectives and -actions, without any regard to technological, social-cultural and environmental circumstances. As a most desirable result the message of the companies’ brand will be communicated transparent and simple, and may always refer to any other communication action of the brand without changing the brand identity.

      I hope that my individual explanation answers your question?

      • Daniela said:

        It does and thank you for taking the time to answer.

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