SMBR delivers continuous information about brand management and social media marketing. We have structured our services to provide you an overview of our contents and a smart possibility to choose a SMBR service according to your individual objectives.

The following services are provided with the current contents of SMBR:

SMBR‘s Social Media Governance:

In evaluating policies, codes of conduct and best practices on how social media marketing should be processed we provide you with answers on how to avoid major threats and risks and how to gain benefits for your brand and your marketing activities.

Choose this service and become part of creating a knowledgebase for better practices on social media governance!

SMBR‘s Battle of the Brands:

The idea of this service is as simple as it is enjoyable: two brands and their social media marketing activities compared to each other, analysed and benchmarked across their competitor field.

Tune in and enjoy some remarkable facts of social media metrics and gain interesting insights in the feedback of SMBR followers through a broad offer of interactive polls and comments.

SMBR‘s individual Services
You do have questions about your own social media brand strategy or about your brand awareness in social media? You need help in order to audit, track and optimize the way your brand system is communicated across different media channels?
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